[Volunteers] UKNOF25 helpers

Keith Mitchell keith at uknof.org.uk
Fri Apr 5 22:16:42 BST 2013

Thank you everyone for the help you gave us at UKNOF24, and if you
signed up here since then, for being willing to help out for next time.

Here's assistance we could do with for UKNOF25, if you are willing and

- some help for Denesh on the registration desk, we're going to have
  a *lot* of attendees to deal with

- someone who's willing to co-ordinate the PGP signing session.
  Preferably you'll have run or at least participated in one before,
  Matthew's willing to do the prep work but it looks like neither
  he nor Ivan will be able to attend.

- getting power strips deployed and safely taped down around the room

- passing the radio mics around during Q&A sessions

Do shout if you think you can assist one of these.

Thanks !


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