[Volunteers] UKNOF26 connectivity and room setup

Denesh Bhabuta denesh at uknof.org.uk
Fri Aug 30 12:10:32 BST 2013

Dear folks

With UKNOF26 just two weeks away, this is aimed at anyone who is volunteering to help set the room up the evening prior to the meeting.

Thanks to the helpfulness of the venue, we will have access to the the rooms we are going to use from around 1700 on Thursday 12 Sep.

These are the things to be done on the 12th (not in any particular order):

1) Confirm layout of the space to 15Hatfields so they can start with layout out the necessary furniture - this depends on final attendees figures (so far we have 190 registrations)
2) Layout the necessary sponsor space and lunch/breaks area
3) Set up registration area along with any projector screens, banners
4) Set up the logo slides to be displayed on the plasma screens and main projector screens
5) Set up any power extensions
6) Set up and configure the connectivity - side note - to confirm the uplink configuration with 15Hatfields to ensure full duplex and at least 30Mb/s dedicated feed (although with higher attendance may need more)
7) Configure the AV and PA systems
8) Set up the webcast
9) Test it all

We are in a dedicated conference venue and apart from the specific technical things, we do have the help of the staff at 15Hatfields and they will be doing the main things with layouts and setting out chairs and tables. They will also be on hand to assist with anything else we require.

I believe that Mike Hughes has almost all of the connectivity gear, mains extensions, banners etc. Mike please confirm... will you bring these along on the 12th or drop these off in advance? Is there anything else that you believe we will need that you do not currently have?

All sponsors have been instructed to ensure their materials get to the venue by the 11 Sep at the latest. We will be leaving their deliveries next to their specific areas in the sponsor space for them to set up in the morning on the 13th.

Delegate Badges and T-Shirts are also instructed to arrive by 11 Sep at the latest.

Please let me know if you are able to help out on the 12th and what time you are able to get there so that I may let the venue know... I would say it will take approx 2 hours to get through the work.. max 3 hours.


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