[Volunteers] UKNOF27 connectivity, webcast, venue setup and other logistics.

Denesh Bhabuta denesh at uknof.org.uk
Sat Jan 18 15:45:59 GMT 2014

Dear folks

With UKNOF27 just a few days away, this is aimed at the UKNOF Meeting Committee and anyone who is volunteering to:

1) Help with set up (and at the end of the meeting assisting with the tear down).


2) Help with various things during UKNOF27

	• we will have access to venue from 10am Monday for connectivity
	• webcast setup between 5 and 6pm Monday
	• venue access from 8am Tuesday

I list the various tasks and times for these to be done below, and also request confirmation of who can lead/assist with each bit.

Monday 20 January

10am - 12pm (Exchange room 9):
IX Manchester's AV supplier (Supreme Dream Events) will be setting up their kit.

+ Connectivity setup and test:
UKNOF connectivity infrastructure will also be used by IX Manchester for their meeting (being held in Exchange room 9). Tom bringing with him?

I understand both Mike Hughes and Tom Bird will take the lead on this.
Mike, Tom, how many extra pair of hands will you need?
I will be around.
Anyone else?

5pm - 6pm (After IX Manchester) (Exchange rooms 8, 9 and 10) (Exchange room 8 Foyer for registration)
IX Manchester's AV suppliers (Supreme Dream) will be tearing down their screen and other kit
The venue (via Blitz will bring in and set up our AV & PA kit)
The venue will lay out the desks and chairs (Denesh and Mike (?) to confirm layout with the venue) 
Supreme Dream will set up extra microphones on the equipment supplied by Blitz

With all the above going on, we need to:

+ Set up and test the webcast - Brandon?,

+ Test the AV and PA systems with the presentation laptop and other slides - need confirmation on where the presentation laptop is (is it in the red suitcase with all comms kit?). - Mike/Nat/Tom/Will?

+ Set up the logo slides to be displayed on the main projector screen and any relay plasma screens - Nat?

+ Set up the power extensions - Mike? (help from Chris and Bob?)

+ Set up registration area (lay out badges, lanyards, signage, any sponsor collateral which goes in that area. if delegate bags received in time then these will need filling) - Denesh

+ Uploading final set of presentation slides and testing of presentation laptop - Keith

I have listed names alongside each section to take the lead on those parts - please shout if I have got it wrong.. please also shout to confirm if I have got it right. :)

Brandon, I see you are at the IX Manchester meeting earlier in the day. Will you be OK with setting up the webcast during this timeframe?

Nat, Mike and Keith, how about yourselves? Need extra hands?

Myself, I will need at least another couple of hands to assist with the registration area, badges, pull-up banners etc. Any volunteers?

Tuesday 21 January

8am - 9am (Exchange rooms  8, 9, 10, 11 & Foyer) - we expect delegates to start trickling in from around 8.30am.

+ Finishing set up. I'm presuming all the setups from 5-6pm the night prior will have finished, however if there is any overflow, this is the time for it.

+ Setting up any of the tech we need to in Exchange 11, as we do not have access to this room the night prior. Video feed.. sound. Mike, you OK to lead on this?

+ Sponsors will be bringing their collateral and setting up in Exchange 9. Generally, we let sponsors get on with it, however they may have questions and requirements. Any volunteers to assist me with this?

+ Any sponsor collateral coming with the sponsors, and to go into delegate bags will need to be done during this time. Any volunteers?

+ Registration desk needs manning from around 8.30am. Any volunteers?
	Those who will be manning the registration desk, please bring a laptop/tablet with you as this will be used for walk-in registrations and to check various details. If you bring a laptop, you can also watch the webcast. :)
	1 person to man during quiet periods, 2 people to man during the mad rush (8.45am until 10am)
	I'm happy for any volunteers to do this in shifts. :)

10am - 6pm

+ Registration desk - please refer to the section above.

+ MIC runners during the sessions needed. Any volunteers? Again, happy for volunteers to take this in turn. 2-3 MIC runners active at any time.

+ @ 4.30pm is when sponsors start tearing down their stands and packing up. 5pm is when the social sponsor starts setting up. I can handle this directly.

+ 6pm (or as soon as UKNOF is over) de-rig. As many hands as possible who can assist would be great. :)

In addition, I have been unable to source a handbell and a speaker's timer. I will continue looking for these and see if I am able to get delivery by Tuesday morning.. however, does anyone here have access to any of these items?

As an alternative, I have downloaded a handbell app on my phone and may connect that to the PA system as and when needed.

If anyone is bringing a camera with them, we would also be interested in photos of the sessions and breaks.. and with your permission, maybe use on various UKNOF documents.

Looking forward to the replies.. (I know it is the weekend.. but I can hope :)

Best Regards

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