[Volunteers] [meeting] UKNOF27 connectivity, webcast, venue setup and other logistics.

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Hi Mike 

I can't make Mon evening to help with power extensions, I'll be there 8:00 Tues happy to help then...

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On 01/18/2014 10:45 AM, Denesh Bhabuta wrote:

> With UKNOF27 just a few days away, this is aimed at the UKNOF Meeting 
> Committee and anyone who is volunteering to:

Thanks for this Denesh.

> Nat, Mike and Keith, how about yourselves? Need extra hands?

I'm fine, main thing for me will be ensuring all presenter slides are sane and uploaded to indico on time, doing a final timeline, and ensuring

Mike - do you want to set up a session agenda in indico for your panel with speaker names, do you want me to do this ?

> + MIC runners during the sessions needed. Any volunteers? Again,
> happy for volunteers to take this in turn. 2-3 MIC runners active at 
> any time.

If Mic runners could also take responsibility for tracking down speakers in the upcoming session during the break before, and making sure they are wired up, or know how to be, in advance that would be a major help.

> In addition, I have been unable to source a handbell and a speaker's 
> timer. I will continue looking for these and see if I am able to get 
> delivery by Tuesday morning.. however, does anyone here have access to 
> any of these items?

If not, even if someone could just print out some A4 sheets with "10 mins", "5 mins", "time up" in a large font, it would be worth a go.

> Looking forward to the replies.. (I know it is the weekend.. but I can 
> hope :)

I set up:


to help co-ordinate and keep track of who is doing what, please jump in.


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