[Volunteers] UKNOF27 connectivity, webcast, venue setup and other logistics.

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Sat Mar 29 13:18:44 GMT 2014

[Apologies for the duplicate.. had forgotten to add volunteers@ originally]

Dear folks

With UKNOF28 just under a month away, this is aimed at the UKNOF Meeting Committee and anyone who is volunteering to:

1) Help with set up (and at the end of the meeting assisting with the tear down).


2) Help with various things during UKNOF27

       • we will have access to the meeting room from 5pm on Wednesday 23 April
       • venue access from 8am on Thursday 24 April

I list the various tasks and times for these to be done below, and also request confirmation of who can lead/assist with each bit.

Wednesday 23 April

5pm - 7pm
+ Connectivity setup and test
+ Webcast setup and test
+ Power Distribution
+ AV Set Up and Test
+ Ensuring the presentation laptop is all set up and presentations uploaded
+ Logo slides
+ Room layout

Keith, Mike, Brandon, Tom, Nat - will you be around for the above? Which parts would you like to take lead on and please let me know if you need any extra pairs of hands.

Who has which of the kit with them? Laptop, red suitcase with connectivity/wifi kit, power distribution.

I will be around for general set up..

Any volunteers for the registration desk(s), badges and putting up banners plus any other sponsor collateral that may need to be laid out.

Thursday 24 April

8am - 9am - we expect delegates to start trickling in from around 8.30am.
+ Any set up which needs to be finished needs to be done within this timeframe. I expect most (if not all) will have been done between 5-7pm the night prior.

+ Sponsors will be bringing their collateral and setting up. Generally, we let sponsors get on with it, however they may have questions and requirements. I will need 2 people to assist me with this.

+ I will need another 4 - 5 people manning the registration desk during the morning rush and from 8.30am. Once the rush is over - around 10.30am, I will need 2 people manning the registration desk.
	I’m OK with the manning to be done in self-organised shifts
	Those who will be manning the registration desk, please bring a laptop/tablet with you as this will be used for walk-in registrations and to check various details. If you bring a laptop, you can also watch the webcast. :)

10am - 6pm
+ Registration desk - please refer to the section above.

+ MIC runners during the sessions needed. Any volunteers? Again, happy for volunteers to take this in turn. 2 - 3 MIC runners active at any time.

+ 6pm (or as soon as UKNOF is over) de-rig. As many hands as possible who can assist would be great. :)

If anyone is bringing a camera with them, we would also be interested in photos of the sessions and breaks.. and with your permission, maybe use on various UKNOF documents.

Looking forward to the replies.. (I know it is the weekend.. but I can hope :)

Best Regards

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