[Volunteers] UKNOF29 help still needed

Keith Mitchell keith at uknof.org.uk
Sat Sep 6 13:07:24 BST 2014


We're looking pretty good for UKNOF29, but there's a couple of areas
where a little bit more assistance would be very much appreciated:

- PGP signing session: none of our regulars who run the PGP signing
session are able to make it this time around. If someone else was
willing to step up and run things during one of the breaks that could be
really helpful.

- Registration desk: A couple of people who could assist Denesh with
badges etc, especially during the surge at the start of the meeting.
would help things go more smoothly for everyone.

Please get back to us at <admin at uknof.org.uk> if you are attending and
able to assist.

Thanks !


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