[Volunteers] UKNOF: Meeting Committee June Conference Call - 19 June @ 3pm

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Fri May 22 10:22:35 BST 2015

Hi all

Please find an invitation (and .ics file for your calendars) for the Meeting Committee meeting on Friday 22 May. Although it is a month away, do let me know soon whether you are able to make it or not. In the meantime, please refer to the links for the agenda and checklist.. if I have missed anything in the agenda and/or checklist, please add it in. Please also add your name to any tasks you are able to do.


UKNOF: Meeting Committee June Conference Call
Scheduled: 19 Jun 2015 15:00 to 16:00

Agenda: https://etherpad.uknof.org.uk/p/MC-Call-Agenda-20150619
Checklist: https://etherpad.uknof.org.uk/p/uknof32-checklist

Bluejeans 230905858

Meeting Schedules: https://wiki.uknof.org.uk/Meeting_Committee/Meetings

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