[Volunteers] Cancelled: Today's Meeting Committee Call

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Mon Jun 13 12:18:00 BST 2016

Hi all

Apologies for the short notice, but I have decided to cancel today’s meeting committee call which was due to take place at 15:00 BST. The reason being there is nothing much to discuss at the moment.

Mike and I are due another site visit and I am waiting for the venue to get back to me with some dates. We will have a better idea of more detailed logistics stuff after that.

What would be good to know very soon though, would be:

1) Which Meeting Committee members are going to attend UKNOF35 and your ETA
2) Which PC members are going to attend UKNOF35 and your ETA
3) Which volunteers are going to attend UKNOF35 and your ETA

If you could put this in the travel section art the end of the UKNOF35 checklist, that would be appreciated. The checklist is at:


In addition, when looking through the checklist, please also put your name against the pre-meeting tasks and in-venue tasks you would like to do. Please do this asap.

The next Meeting Committee call will be as scheduled (2nd Monday of every month, apart from joint MC/PC ones) on Monday 11 July at 15:00 BST.
Call-in details:
Bluejeans 1327755093


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