[Volunteers] UKNOF36 setting up and checklist

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Tue Jan 17 20:39:03 GMT 2017


As we head toward set up time tomorrow evening, please have a look at the meeting check-list at:


If there is anything you re able to assist with during set up and/or during UKNOF36 itself, then please add your name next to the task.

I will need to know via the checklist:

1) Are you around for set up? If so, please add your name in the appropriate section in the checklist. (reg desk and sponsors area set up starts at 19:00 ; main room set up starts at 20:00 ; aim to finish set up by 22:00)

2) On the day of UKNOF itself, we will need 2 mic runners per time slot.. please add your name to the list of you are able to assist.

3) Your ETA in to the venue area tomorrow evening if you are assisting with set up - this can be emailed to me rather than going in to the checklist. I am planning on having something to eat, likely around 5/5.30pm before heading over to the venue to set up .. so anyone care to join me for dinner? Let me know.


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