[Volunteers] UKNOF41: Monday's set up rota

Denesh Bhabuta :: UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Sat Sep 8 01:51:44 BST 2018

Hi all

Thanks to those who were able to make it to the logistics call last Wednesday.

This is a reminder of the rota for set up day… the lucky few named below are the only ones venue security will authorise entry to.

Set up time - 10 September, 14:00 to 17:00.

Meet point - Strathblane Hall, EICC @ 13:45

Set up crew:
	from the PC: Ben, Chris, Keith, Marek, Mike, Nick
	from the Meeting Committee: Debbie (if in Edinburgh), Denesh
	partners: Brandon
	volunteers: Dunc, Mark (latter on standby and to be informed on Monday morning)

Specific tasks:
	in the Lomond Suite:
		wifi set up - Mike, Ben, Dunc, Nick (to bring up connectivity)
		presentation laptop - Marek
		misc - Keith
		webcast - Brandon

	in Strathblane Hall:
	registration, sponsors and general layout - Chris, Denesh, Debbie? Mark Vevers if required
	sponsor liaison - Denesh

Please refer to the checklist for any (other) details:


I will email out the rotas for Tuesday later this weekend.

Note: Any (heavy) kit being brought to the venue needs to come in via the Loading Bay, off Western Approach Road (a bit further down on the left from the entrance to the Sheraton on Western Approach Road). Please let me know if this is an issue and I will liaise with the ops staff at EICC.

If any of those listed are unable to make it for the set-up, or if you have any questions, please let me know ASAP and before Monday.

Thank you to all those listed for helping with setting up. :)


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