[Volunteers] UKNOF 25 connectivity & room setup - 17th April

Mike Hughes mike at smashing.net
Wed Apr 10 13:12:55 BST 2013

This is aimed at anyone who is volunteering to help set the room up next week...

Thanks to the helpfulness of the venue, we will have access to the
majority of the rooms we are going to use from around 1400-1500 on the
Wednesday, except for one partition of the room, which we plan to use
either as overspill or a breakout space, that has another event in
that will continue into the evening. This won't affect our setup.

However, unless you live in a media vacuum, you'll have noticed
there's going to be a well attended funeral with attendant security
circus the same day.

I currently have almost all of the connectivity gear, mains
extensions, etc., at my home in South London.

I now plan to drop this off at 15 Hatfields on the Tuesday, to avoid
any traffic restrictions arising from Mrs T's funeral.

As for the setup itself, once the funeral plans for Wednesday are
announced, I'll let people know what time I'm thinking of getting
there, but there shouldn't be a hell of a lot to do, as this is a
dedicated conference venue as opposed to just having the use of a

The 15 Hatfields staff will set up the tables, chairs, etc.

We will need to set up power distribution to the tables - which we'll
need to think about a little, as there isn't an abundance of floor
boxes with outlets, and set up our own wifi access points and
connectivity gear, and test it to make sure everything is working.

So, I'll be in touch...


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