[Volunteers] UKNOF 25 connectivity & room setup - 17th April

Mike Hughes mike at smashing.net
Thu Apr 11 13:33:26 BST 2013

On 10 April 2013 13:12, Mike Hughes <mike at smashing.net> wrote:
> As for the setup itself, once the funeral plans for Wednesday are
> announced, I'll let people know what time I'm thinking of getting
> there, but there shouldn't be a hell of a lot to do, as this is a
> dedicated conference venue as opposed to just having the use of a
> room.

Looks like there will be minimal impact on our setup from Mrs T's
funeral, which will happen at 11am.

Tristan at 15 Hatfields says there is no point getting there before
1400 - the meetings rooms are in use until 1400.

We also need to give them time to start setting the rooms up to our
config (open up de-mountable walls, etc.) *before* we start setting
our own stall out, or we'll just be in their way.

I plan to get there around 1430/1500-ish.


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