[Volunteers] [meeting] UKNOF24 from EMA airport

Chris Russell Chris.Russell at knowledgeit.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 23:12:10 GMT 2013

Hi Keith,

  Earliest I can get down to Nottingham area from Newcastle is around mid afternoon (2 ish) and I`m coming from the opposite direction as it were.

  Not impossible arbeit with long waits,but hopefully there'll be better options.

(resend, thanks to owa and reply-to's not hitting the list...)

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Thanks for signing up for this list - first request :-)

We have one of our speakers flying into East Midlands airport, which
although superficially the "closest" airport to Nottingham/Newark, is in
fact a public transport nightmare to get from/to.

He's arriving mid-morning on Wed 16th - is anyone driving up the M1 with
timing where they could pick him up and ferry him to Nottingham (where
I've suggested he stay) or possibly Newark ?


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