[Volunteers] Notts -> Newark

Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
Fri Jan 11 14:05:46 GMT 2013

On 11 January 2013 13:40, Chris Russell <Chris.Russell at knowledgeit.co.uk>wrote:

> > Ta Chris - now booked into Jurys, Weds and Thurs nights. Have no fear,
> there's always room for beer!
>  Good stuff, it's a cheap taxi out to Notts from Daybrook to hopefully few
> beers in Newark on Thurs then back to Notts with a bigger crowd depending
> on who's staying on.

Funnily enough, I'm heading through Daybrook on my way to Papplewick where
I'm staying for the night.

I'm not sure if I can make it up to Newark for the Wednesday night social
yet - the nice thing about it previously being in Nottingham was that the
tram practically takes me to the front door of where I'm staying!

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