[Volunteers] [meeting] Re: UKNOF28 connectivity, webcast, venue setup and other logistics.

Nat Morris nat at nuqe.net
Tue Apr 15 10:52:35 BST 2014

On 14 April 2014 20:51, Keith Mitchell <keith at uknof.org.uk> wrote:
> I've tried to capture all of this so far at:
>         https://etherpad.uknof.org.uk/p/uknof28-checklist
> Please could everyone update as necessary, we still have quite a few gaps.
> As we didn't do this during the PC call, and given some of the wrinkles
> of our venue situation, I think it would be really helpful if we could
> have a run-through call for as many people helping with meeting
> logistics as possible, ideally before the Easter weekend.
> I propose we do this at 15:00 BST this Thursday. Please could you
> indicate in the etherpad your availability for the call - as the holiday
> is looming, I'm not going to assume everyone will be able to, but feel
> free to update the etherpad with what you are doing instead if you can't :-)

This Thursday 15:00 BST:

To join the Meeting:

To join via Browser:

To join via Phone:

1) Dial:

+1 408 740 7256
+1 888 240 2560 (US or Canada only)
+44 203 608 5256

2) Enter Conference ID: 300777570


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