[Volunteers] UKNOF28 connectivity, webcast, venue setup and other logistics.

Keith Mitchell keith at uknof.org.uk
Mon Apr 14 20:51:27 BST 2014

I've tried to capture all of this so far at:


Please could everyone update as necessary, we still have quite a few gaps.

As we didn't do this during the PC call, and given some of the wrinkles
of our venue situation, I think it would be really helpful if we could
have a run-through call for as many people helping with meeting
logistics as possible, ideally before the Easter weekend.

I propose we do this at 15:00 BST this Thursday. Please could you
indicate in the etherpad your availability for the call - as the holiday
is looming, I'm not going to assume everyone will be able to, but feel
free to update the etherpad with what you are doing instead if you can't :-)

Thank you all for your help !


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>>> Dear folks
>>> With UKNOF28 just under a month away, this is aimed at the UKNOF 
>>> Meeting Committee and anyone who is volunteering to:
>>> 1) Help with set up (and at the end of the meeting assisting with the 
>>> tear down).
>>> and
>>> 2) Help with various things during UKNOF27
>>> Setup
>>>       . we will have access to the meeting room from 5pm on Wednesday 
>>> 23 April
>>>       . venue access from 8am on Thursday 24 April
>>> I list the various tasks and times for these to be done below, and 
>>> also request confirmation of who can lead/assist with each bit.
>>> Wednesday 23 April
>>> ==
>>> 5pm - 7pm
>>> -----
>>> + Connectivity setup and test
>>> + Webcast setup and test
>>> + Power Distribution
>>> + AV Set Up and Test
>>> + Ensuring the presentation laptop is all set up and presentations 
>>> + uploaded Logo slides Room layout
>>> Keith, Mike, Brandon, Tom, Nat - will you be around for the above? 
>>> Which parts would you like to take lead on and please let me know if 
>>> you need any extra pairs of hands.
>>> Who has which of the kit with them? Laptop, red suitcase with 
>>> connectivity/wifi kit, power distribution.
>>> I will be around for general set up..
>>> Any volunteers for the registration desk(s), badges and putting up 
>>> banners plus any other sponsor collateral that may need to be laid out.
>>> Thursday 24 April
>>> ==
>>> 8am - 9am - we expect delegates to start trickling in from around 8.30am.
>>> -
>>> + Any set up which needs to be finished needs to be done within this
>>> timeframe. I expect most (if not all) will have been done between 
>>> 5-7pm the night prior.
>>> + Sponsors will be bringing their collateral and setting up. 
>>> + Generally, we let
>>> sponsors get on with it, however they may have questions and 
>>> requirements. I will need 2 people to assist me with this.
>>> + I will need another 4 - 5 people manning the registration desk 
>>> + during the
>>> morning rush and from 8.30am. Once the rush is over - around 10.30am, 
>>> I will need 2 people manning the registration desk.
>>> 	I'm OK with the manning to be done in self-organised shifts
>>> 	Those who will be manning the registration desk, please bring a 
>>> laptop/tablet with you as this will be used for walk-in registrations 
>>> and to check various details. If you bring a laptop, you can also watch the webcast.
>>> :)
>>> 10am - 6pm
>>> ---
>>> + Registration desk - please refer to the section above.
>>> + MIC runners during the sessions needed. Any volunteers? Again, 
>>> + happy for
>>> volunteers to take this in turn. 2 - 3 MIC runners active at any time.
>>> + 6pm (or as soon as UKNOF is over) de-rig. As many hands as possible 
>>> + who
>>> can assist would be great. :)
>>> If anyone is bringing a camera with them, we would also be interested 
>>> in photos of the sessions and breaks.. and with your permission, 
>>> maybe use on various UKNOF documents.
>>> Looking forward to the replies.. (I know it is the weekend.. but I 
>>> can hope :)
>>> Best Regards
>>> Denesh

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