[Volunteers] Today 15:00 - UKNOF Meeting Committee & Volunteers UKNOF32 Follow Up Conference Call

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Fri Sep 25 13:15:07 BST 2015

Hi all

Thank you all for another successful UKNOF. In my view, this was another slick meeting, even with some of the complexities involved in running the logistics for UK&I PF… having learnt from the past and implementing better procedures and logistics as we go along. I could not do this without you all… so.. thank you. :-)

Just a reminder about the catch up conference call later today at 15:00. Although it is scheduled for an hour, although I doubt it will take that long and is likely to finish within 30 minutes. Please advise if you are unable to make it.

Further to the below, the very short agenda is now up at:


May I also request any of you who have not yet filled in the survey, please do so prior to the call. This is at:


I will wait for further input into the survey and email out the results closer to the conf call.

Call details:


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