[Volunteers] Purging and renewing the UKNOF Volunteers mailing list

Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF denesh at uknof.org.uk
Wed Nov 16 15:31:12 GMT 2016

Hi all

As UKNOF has evolved over time, we have changed the way some of the logistics are done. This has meant a more formalised process for the selection of talks (Programme Committee) and the creation of a Meeting Committee - regular logistics and hands-on during set up, the day itself and tear down.

During all of this, volunteers have been and continue to be a great asset in the smooth running of the meetings, and although I am not going to change this, I am looking at evolving this to become a bit more integral with the whole setting up and on the day logistics process.

The current volunteers list has been running for a few years and we now have some volunteers who have not been to UKNOF for a while, or have moved on from their roles/industry, others who are now either part of the PC, and some others who are on the Meeting Committee (the latter which I am also looking at evolving slightly too in that it may become a sub-committee of the PC but also include some other regular people).

My plan with the volunteers list is to create a new volunteers list for every calendar year.. which involves purging the list after the Autumn UKNOF every year and starting it with a new set of volunteers and those who wish to continue being volunteers.

As such, if you receive this email, and wish to remain on the volunteers list for 2017, please respond and let me know. I will be purging the current volunteers list at 12pm on Friday 25 November and will only keep those on the list who contact me prior to then. I do not see any reason for those on the PC and current Meeting Committee to be on this volunteers list.

I am also working on a light “terms of reference” type document for volunteers which will outline the role and expectations… it will be very light but outline roles such as mic running, any help with setting up, help at the registration desk, etc. I will publish this once it is ready… 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask…


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