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You didn't really give us enough info to  go on, OP.  There's nothing  inherently wrong with being  nice unless you  do things people  don't actually want you to  do because you perceive it as helpful or if you're  doing it with the  intention  of getting something in return. So  without  specific examples of situations and conversations it's impossible to say  if you  actually are a pleasant, polite person or if people  see you as  trying too hard or fake. But  here  is  a comment I gave another  user  that had a similar  problem which might help you understand why  this happens a lot. 

- do you have a passion in life?  Do you have goals you are actively working toward? Do you  have any interesting hobbies to pass your  time? Do you have any career goals or at  least a plan on how to get  there?

- do you work to improve  yourself? Are you  aware of your flaws  and try to decrease them in a  healthy  way?  On the flip side, do you constantly talk down to  yourself in  front of others? That is very unattractive. 

-  are you considerate of others' needs and feelings? Are you kind to people who you don't directly know? (For example, how do you treat  wait  staff?) On the flip side of this,  do you ever make  your  own needs and preferences known in a respectful way? Few women  want  to date a lap  dog, but no we don't  want "jerks" either despite what people say. 

- are  you generally more of a positive or a negative person? Do you complain a lot? That's a turn off for  most people.  

- how is your hygiene? Do you bathe at least every other day, brush  your teeth twice a day, wear clean clothes,  and try to keep  your hair, facial hair, and fingernails  clean and trimmed? Are you close to a healthy weight  for your  size? 

- do you  drop  too many hints  or  otherwise do things that could be interpreted as pressuring for sex? Women don't  want to  feel you only want their company  for  sex, unless it is a  booty call situation.  

-  do you ask  the  women you hang out with about their lives, opinions, hobbies, jobs, etc? Do you  show interest in things that are important  to them? 

And lastly, is there anyone who could maybe give you feedback on your situation, that would be honest  with you? 

These  are the most  common reasons why someone could  be seen as undesirable  by  a woman.  Think about  them and try to see yourself through  someone  else's eyes. Good luck!

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