[Volunteers] UKNOF: Meeting Committee September Conference Call - 10 Sep @ 15:00 BST

Andrew Richards ar-uknof at nwdb.co.uk
Fri Sep 11 15:20:17 BST 2015

On Wednesday 09 Sep 2015 12:23:32 Denesh Bhabuta - UKNOF wrote:
> A reminder about the meeting committee conference call taking place tomorrow
> at 15:00 BST

My apologies not to have shown up at the conference call (I was ill at the 
time). Instead, this is just to say hi and offer my help - in particular I'm 
based in Sheffield, very close to the venue so that could be useful. I'm more an 
email/sysadmin techie than a networking person nowadays, but I expect the bulk 
of the volunteering duties will be more mundane things like setup/teardown and 
acting as an steward/usher etc - count me in on those. 

I do wish to attend most of the presentations but could potentially be doing 
so some of the time whilst stewarding inside the ?hall?. The presentations I 
wish to attend are Wednesday 2pm-5pm, Thursday 9:30am-10:30am, 
11:30am-12:30am. I am available Wednesday morning, Wednesday late afternoon, 
Thursday early morning and Thursday afternoon for setup/teardown etc if 
desired; I am not available Wednesday after 7pm.

I'd be grateful for some indication of if/when etc I can be of use. My mobile 
is 0796 222 6589.

Best regards,

Andrew Richards.

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